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Đề thi thử THPTQG lần 1 năm 2018 – 2019 môn Tiếng Anh trường Yên Lạc 2 – Vĩnh Phúc

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    Đề thi thử THPTQG lần 1 năm 2018 – 2019 môn Tiếng Anh trường Yên Lạc 2 – Vĩnh Phúc

    Martin Luther King, Jr., is well known for his work in civil rights and for his many famous speeches, among them is his moving "I Have A Dream" speech. But fewer people know much about King's childhood. M.L., as he was called, was born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the home of his maternal grandfather. M.L.'s grandfather, the Reverend A.D. Williams, purchased their home on Auburn Avenue in 1909, twenty years before M.L. was born. The Reverend Williams, an eloquent speaker, played an important role in the community since so many people's lives centered around the church. He allowed his church and his home to be used as a meeting place for a number of organizations dedicated to the education and social advancement of blacks. M.L. grew up in this atmosphere, with his home being used as a community gathering place, and was no doubt influenced by it.

    M.L.'s childhood was not especially eventful. His father was a minister and his mother was a musician. He was the second of three children, and he attended all-black schools in a black neighborhood. The neighborhood was not poor, however. Auburn Avenue was the main artery through a prosperous neighborhood that had come to symbolize achievement for Atlanta's black people. It was an area of banks, insurance companies, builders, jewelers, tailors, doctors, lawyers, and other black-owner, black-operated businesses, and services. Even in the face of Atlanta's segregation, the district thrived. Dr. King never forgot the community spirit he had known as a child, nor did he forget the racial prejudice that was a seemingly insurmountable barrier that kept black Atlanta from mingling with whites.

    Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the sentences which is closest in meaning to the given one.
    Question 48. "Don't forget to do your homework", the teacher told us.
    A. The teacher reminded us not to forget to do your homework.
    B. The teacher told us do not forget to do our homework.
    C. The teacher told us to not forget to do our homework.
    D. The teacher reminded us to do our homework.

    Question 49. Many people think Steve stole the money.
    A. It was not Steve who stole the money.
    B. Many people think the money is stolen by Steve.
    C. Steve is thought to have stolen the money.
    D. The money is thought to be stolen by Steve.

    Question 50. Jane hasn't played the piano since 2005.
    A. The last time Jane played the piano in 2005
    B. Jane has played the piano in 2005
    C. The last time Jane played the piano was 2005.
    D. Jane last played the piano was 2005.


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